A Hand Lettering Workshop

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Mike Meyer
21. April 2018 bis 22. April 2018
10.00 bis 17.00 Uhr

Samstag und Sonntag, 21. und 22. April 2018
jeweils von 10.00 bis 17.00 Uhr

Designschule München
Roßmarkt 15, Raum 2.12
80331 München
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290,00 Euro für tgm-Mitglieder
360,00 Euro für Nichtmitglieder

Anzahl Teilnehmer

Join us for the Mike Meyer Hand Lettering Workshop. Two days of paint, brushes, lettering and laughs. You will hone your Gothic (Block), Casual and Script letter forms through a hands-on process of practice, personal critique and expert guidance from Sign Painters’ very own Mike Meyer. It all starts with a pencil, drawing and developing an understanding of the basic letter forms. These then form the basis for building your brush skills.

Ziel des Seminars
Participants will learn the basic skills required for painting and a variety of letterforms. The course is held by sign painting legend Mike Meyer (USA) – creative and fun atmosphere guaranteed!


  • Letter construction and basic layout
  • Brush and paint technique, and care
  • Three core alphabets, gothic (sans serif), casual and script

All, who are thrilled by any kind of hand lettering – no matter if you are beginner or advanced

The workshop is at an introductory level with lots of personal input so that everyone can make progress across the two days. Those with some existing experience will also gain from the ability to ask questions and observe demonstrations.

The workshop will be held in English. We will supply a basic set of special paints and other special equipment. Please bring your own basic painting gear, like pencils and eraser, small tins or jars, brushes, compasses, old newspapers and rags, sketching paper etc. Further instructions on needed equipment will follow.

Verbindliche Anmeldung
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Diese Veranstaltung findet in Kooperation der tgm mit und der Designschule München statt.

Mike Meyer

Mike Meyer has been working in the sign trade since 1978 and runs a small sign shop dedicated to quality craftsmanship and a product that satisfies not only himself, but most importantly his customers. His philosophy is: »Do what you love, love what you do!« Everyone who comes to his workshops around the world will immediately understand what that means.